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Originally Posted by Huge
I don't know of too many 6'5, 225 lbs WRs. I agree about his arm. But he still has a couple of years to improve enough to where he can be more like Vick (have his running make up for his lack of accuracy).

I don't see him as a WR though. Size and speed is not what seperates the upper echelon of WRs from the others. Route running and catching ability are far more important.
I agree about the WR argument.

Their arent many 6'5" 225 lbs players that can run 4.4 forties at all. HE is a freakish athlete, and there is no real position he is specifically designed for....

I think he is way too tall to be RB, wont be able to run the ball between the tackles, because he has such a high center of gravity.

It would be a project for his catching and route running ability at WR

Since the NFL has never seen an athlete like this, much like college, who is to say that he could not be successful playing like he does in college....
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