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Default Eli Manning

I love the whole Eli Manning/San Diego story. San Diego played that beautifully. A really nice piece of work from San Diego. Just think about it... San Diego never wanted Eli Manning. San Diego wanted Philip Rivers and all the extra draft picks. And who can blame them they have lots of needs. But the San Diego fans had to have Eli... they didn't get Peyton and they had to have Eli... If the Chargers didn't draft Eli the fans would go crazy... What can they do... what can they do...

So enter the dupes... the Mannings... Now the Mannings knew San Diego really could go any of three ways on those three QB's... and they knew San Diego would surely want to pick up some extra draft picks... I mean I knew that... Normally a team is already working out a contract with the first pick long before draft day... but San Diego was desperately trying to find a way to trade down and get all those picks and Rivers and not make the Charger fans angry... But still San Diego might have gone with Manning if they couldn't get out of it.

Now Eli didn't want to play for such a lousy organization... and since San Diego was still trying to decide what to do... the Mannings decide... why not tell San Diego QUIETLY that Eli would rather go elsewhere... No big announcements... no headlines... just quietly, while San Diego is making up it's mind... tell them how Eli felt.

And when they did the Chargers must have cheered... Thank goodness they found their way out. The Chargers GM runs to the press and says Eli won't play for them... that he wants to go to New York... Then the you know what hits the fan... Now if I'm the Mannings and I had gone quietly to the Chargers and told them this and the Chargers went to the press.... I'd be really P.O.'ed... especially if they said that Archie had said his son wanted to go to the Giants... and if that was in fact a lie the way Archie said it was. Archie has always been a man of honor... He might not want his son to play for the Chargers, but he's not a liar. Well... if San Diego had done that to me... I would be so P.O.'ed that I would never play for them.... and I'd tell them so... and Eli did!

Then we all know what happened...

So when it is all over... look what San Diego got... they got what they wanted at the very first... They got Philip Rivers and a bucket full of draft choices... and the San Diego fans are not angry at them.... Instead the whole football world is angry at Eli... Even the Giants knew San Diego didn't want Manning that they really wanted Rivers... that's the reason the Giants drafted Rivers at 4 rather than Roethlisberger...

I mean that was a great piece of work. San Diego gets what it wanted and the world hates Eli Manning.

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