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Default Re: VY in fight!

a lot of times I say things like "VY is God" just to piss his haters's so funny, because had this been Matt Schaub we'd all be applauding his leadership...... it's weird how so many people hate the guy as if he raped and pissed on one of their relatives....I don't buy the "he's a titan and I'm a texan that's why I hate him" because there's plenty of other people on the titans who don't receive half that hatred that VY does from this board....let me go down the list of why it's stupid to blindly hate this guy

A. He came out and said "I want to be Texan", "I love Houston", "I want to play and win superbowl for my hometown who has never won anything in the NFL".....he layed himself out there for the taking like a cheap prostitute, but the texans still passed............. hatred towards our organization is a little more logical in this instance

B. He seems like a "good" guy in the sense that he always gives back, is nice to fans, loves his family, loves his hometown, loves his teammates, and works hard to get better each year

C. He is from Houston..........I'm sorry but if you're a Houston sports fan then you LOVE professional sports players from Houston....we loved Clyde when he was a blazer, we loved Pettite and Clemens when they weren't here (before this past offseason), we loved Dickerson, etc...we've always rooted for and supported "our own" so why should it be any different with VY?

People need to just come face to the fact that if you're a bitter fan who hopes VY fails, gets injured, etc. you are just MAD at the fact that he is not in a Texans uniform and for some reason you take it out on him, because you don't want to look like a "bad" fan for being pissed at the real problem in this honest opinion of Vince is that he's an extremely gifted talent who has shown great poise, patience, intelligence, and a die hard will to win....sure he can work on some of his QB mechanics, but is there really any doubting that the guy will eventually do it considering he's gotten better at every level and his track record of working hard in the offseason? We just have to come to grips that this organization made a huge mistake by passing on him and we shouldn't hold it against him, because of their bad decision.
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