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Originally Posted by HoustonFrog View Post
Yet Travis Henry didn't start gaining those yards until a certain someone was at QB. I'm just saying, it goes both ways. You mentioned the defense rising up and they were one of the worst in the league. They won one game by themselves. I'll say what I said before and...I didn't go to UT or want to draft VY...all of these "risings up" and "big yardage games" only started during the streak. Take it for what you will. Confidence builds winning and winning builds expectations from all. It is the trickle down theory. If I listened to some of you guys there would be no special QBs because they always seemed to have good players and defenses around them...well yeah, most do at some point.
To be specific, the Titans finished the season with the worst total defense in the NFL. Travis Henry had a 3.8 YPC career average before last season. He averaged 2.65 YPC before Vince entered the starting line-up, and 4.52 YPC after(coincidence?). Check the college stats for that one. VY made his mark on a TERRIBLE team, expected to finish dead last in the AFC, and took them to within one game of the playoffs in his rookie season. According to the experts he wasn't even supposed to contribute to an NFL team at least 2 or 3 years down the line. Kerry Collins lead a team to the Super Bowl, he started the season 0-3, and if he stayed at the helm do the Titans even come close to where they finished in '06? Please. VY had EVERYTHING to do with that turnaround.
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