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Originally Posted by Silver Oak View Post
I don't really get the "winner" thing. He didn't win a high school championship. Although he was on a national championship team in college, and even though he won the big game, he was surrounded by some darn good talent too. He didn't win his biggest game last season (N.E.), so the "winner" label is maybe a little misleading.

With only the best of the best even getting to play in the NFL, it could be argued that all of them are "winners" up to this point in their careers. But I digress...

I've an idea, let's meet back here in 5 years and we'll beat this draft over again, and have more history to base it on than just 1/2 season. Until then, I will root 100% for my hometown Texans, and root loudly against any other team, irregardless of wheher they come from Houston or not.

you are sooo aggy.
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