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Originally Posted by __V__
We have plenty of DE's. What we do not have is a proven NFL edge rusher. We have some projected types...and some average types. But no proven big time edge guy. That is still our biggest need until someone can step up and fill it.
Vin...I'll buy that the pass rush is currently the biggest need we have, but how would Gildon fit in the puzzle. I know he could play for us...I just wonder what the ripple effects of signing him would be.

So who do you bump? There is a lot of talk about Foreman...but realistically he isn't that bad, avg NFL MLB, but not bad. Orr or Peek? I can't see them dropping Peek based on their investment and his supposed potential; Orr...maybe, don't really know enough about him to make a call. Wong and Sharper...they're locks. Evans? I like the guy and he has a great rep with DC...but what's his potential?
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