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Yeah, but what happens when two other dudes start going at it and Vince tries to break it up. Now it's a "do as I say not as I do" type of thing. It also takes away the ability for coaches to discipline other guys because "Vince can do it".

Should he have stepped up and called the guy out? Yes.
Should he have taken a shot at him? Absolutely not.

But it's the Titans, so what do I care.
I wish some of you would get a grip on reality...

I've never heard of or been on a football team where the coaches get mad at players for fighting during camp...In fact I've even been on teams where the coach will let you duke it out for a while before they break it up...

It's almost a given that during summer camp fights are going to happen...

It's football...AKA it's a violent sport...

Fighting at practice is actually a good thing sometimes...especially when in the end as a player and a man you are able to recognize that your temper got the best of you and you have no real animosity towards your teammate...
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