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Default Re: SA Fans

just throwin my two cents - and no love for the southsiders but the only reason I don't like the 281/1604 junction is traffic as that area is just growing too fast.

another thing is if it is a newly opened place the newly opened places will persist, ie service issues which we don't want (i think we had those at that fox and hound place last year as well).

i'm all for alternating between the Live Oak and DeZavala locations, mainly because I have timed it and it is around 25-30 mins or less depending on traffic and how fast you drive from location to location if you take 1604 around either way.

i'm just hell bent on avoiding 410's northern loop at all costs due to what we all know is some bad traffic due to construction at times.

but yes, BWW is a greatly fun place and has fair prices.

my main question now to all is are we down for meeting up at some preaseason games??????
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