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Originally Posted by Mr teX View Post
i saw the clip of the "fight" on NFL total access last night & it wasn't a punch but a open handed push slap thingy. Nickey did take the guy down pretty hard, VY was just looking out for his guy all things considered. They kissed & made up later in practice.

Of course i'll sit back & wait for all the titans trolls to come in and say he's just being a leader & that's what leaders do!!!!.............
He's just being a leader & that's what leaders do!!!!

Couldn't resist... Nickey is a little bit of a problem I think, last year at this time he took a late shot at LenDale in the back and they got into a fight. Nickey took off his helmet and swung it like a bat that time. Least this one wasn't as bad right??
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