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Thank you for taking the time to make a complimentary post (by complimentary I mean a post that extends discussion of a point).
Originally Posted by Lucky
Just to elaborate, Carr has "led the league" in times sacked 2 of his 3 seasons ... This can't continue...

Originally Posted by Lucky
Mistril48, have you ever seen the Texans use this technique? I haven't...
I can't say that I've noticed this technique, but they may have used it. I wouldn't want to go on record as saying they never have used it. In any event, I picked this technique to illustrate my point because I thought it was the kind of technique that is very visable and I expected that a lot of fans would recall seeing the technique, even if the Texans haven't used it.

The point I was trying to make was simply that several people are responsible for the O-line play, including the O-linemen, the O-line coaches, ancillary blockers (RB), the play caller, the audible caller, the guys making line calls (typically the center and the QB). I saw unacceptable O-line play. What I don't know is how to allocate responsibility.

One thought is that McKinney was trying to deal with a replacement guard on his right and an injured guard on his left and it worked out badly.

Originally Posted by Lucky
... Sometimes they're beat on stunts ...
In some cases, I would suspect that Carr is responsible to set the RB to pick up the stunt, but I can't prove it, or identify those instances where he didn't set the RB or where he did set the RB, but the RB failed to execute the block.

To be clear, I'm not saying Carr is messing up line calls. I'm saying it's a factor in O-line play and I don't know how the Texans are doing with line calls.
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