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thanks for the replys to my old pals - and pm me with extra tickets for sale as well everyone - Filogirl and Sake see you in yellow and the rest of you in the Blue Crew i'll be lurking around as usual - going for five live games this year I'll see what happens.

in response to those mentioning just emailing to get my join date and post count back, i don't feel i really have to i've seen some boards go through this before and everyone just starts over - and for those that said that post counts and such don't matter here - then please explain to me why it was even allowed for people to keep their dates and post counts from the official board??? - obviously it did mean something or you wouldn't have people on here with join dates that i can swear on my son's life were NOT posting on anytime near their SUPPOSED join dates.

to me it gives you some sense of being able to say you've been around here awhile when it is a lie - if you were on the official board you should have to earn your way onto texanstalk, not the other way around. it is not my fault the official board hosed everyone, and it is not my fault you weren't at texanstalk to begin with. this is my opinion and i will leave it at this since the last thing i want to do is start trouble or get canned my first week back.

i'm content on living with myself and starting over and being labeled a NOOB or whatever because i know that there are far more important things in life - like for instance who is going to start at left tackle.

end treygar rant on this subject i will not reply to anything else on this subject however feel free to PM me if you want to address anything specifically.
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