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Default Re: HPF:The Brat Pac

Originally Posted by Double Barrel View Post
Yep. I think Pacman's suspension is going to hurt them beyond what they are admitting at this point.

And Vince...well, he's already being referred to by some as the Greatest.Player.Evar!, so there will not be much room for failure. He is believed to be a top (if not no. 3 already) NFL QB by some folks, and anything less than dominance will be considered 'failure' by many analysts and fanboys.

Nevermind that it's only his second year and all that, because the hype machine is already proclaiming it a Hall of Fame career. I think he's a great talent - needs some polish - but could be crushed by unrealistic expectations that are being put on him.

Of course, he could end up being the Greatest.Player.Evar!, so time will tell.
I completely agree that losing Pacman will hurt badly, but hopefully someone can step up. Last year was Pacman's first real contributing season. Before last year he'd not had an INT and only one TD from returns.

From what I understand we're strengthening our secondary without him and when he gets back they'll be even stronger (if he's in football shape and not rusty).

It appears the writer of this article has something against Vince, because he's a large "baby" as the writer says. I feel Vince has a chance to be great, but it's up to the rest of the team to step up. He only plays one position, and most fans want to see our defense play better, which in turn helps the offense. Even with Pacman our passing defense wasn't great by any means (I'm being nice) so we have to step it up somehow. Hill/Thompson being replaced will really help out our secondary and from what I understand we've got a new safety (drafted last year) and got a new CBs in Harper, Herndon and Griffin.
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