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Default i'm back

not that it matters, but as a texanstalk veteran that felt very slighted and miffed at the new regime and demise of the old texanstalk setup, i'm back for a few reasons.

1. this is the best Texans messageboard, this is something I've always said and I'm sure the refugees here from the official board have come to learn that Hookem's site is the best.

2. i built small friendships and relationships with some of you folks, and i don't want those to go away especially since i plan to attend a few tailgates this coming season.

3. i need to talk football somewhere.

now, a quick recap of why i left and such -

1. Rep points/power - whatever that is, to me is more of a popularity thing than anything - i'm above high school hijinks of that sort and it just pains me to see such stuff on what I view to be a laid back environment (or what was a laid back environment, I'm not sure if there are annoying trolls on this site or not I haven't even lurked here).

2. post counts - though not really a big deal to me, in fact if you think your post count makes you a better fan, person, or a more important member of the texanstalk community then you need to wake up and smell the tortas because it is really an insignificant thing as far as I'm concerned. i just like seeing well thought out opinions and posts and friendly banter, be it contradictory or otherwise. that i'm gonna have to start over even though i've been doing this with texanstalk what seems like ages is not a problem - but that I guess others got to have the post counts they achieved on another messageboard is what irked me the most, but whatever, its not my decision i'll live with it.

3. moderators - i don't particularly like the new mods for a variety of my own personal reason, i'm hoping they will be fair and not give me any problems as I've never attacked anyone other than Harry in good fun in the past. (is he still around by the way, again I haven't been here in ages.)

so yeah, i'm back I'm ready for the season and hope to be at the KC game or as many SA meetups as I can make.
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