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Originally Posted by aj.
Carr's comments on the radio about two minutes ago implied scheme being the problem - not personnel.
I believe what someone else said on here, Capers is a great DC but i don't think hes a strong enough head coach to ever take this team to the superbowl...This team needs direction from a STRONG COACH like Parcells...That was just an example, not necessarialy meaning i want parcells, it was a comparasion...He knows how to get mad and provides leadership.....Watching Dallas last nite even though they lost, i was impressed at the surprise plays they did...It caught the opponent off guard many times...The Texans seem like they play HUM DRUM football...Don't get me wrong, i love this team otherwise i wouldn't be a Texans fan, but this is my opinion and i'm entitled to it....They make the same plays every week after week, no surprises, just play the same...Its just not hard for other teams to watch them and know more or less what to expect from their plays...Sometimes they work and win, and other times then they lose playing the same way...They obviously need to change somewheres...They need some kind of leadership from a STRONG SKILLED COACH...

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