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You know, I've been a fan of the Oilers/Texans for all the heartbreaking years, and as manny 4-12 and 3-13 seasons I have never booed my team. Houston fans are really bad loosers, and you would think that we should know how to loose gracefully. The fans in Houston seem to do what the media does. When the team does something good, it's always the Texans this the Texans that, but let them loose and it's Carr or the O-line, or the special teams, or the water boy spiked the gatorade cause he is from Jacksonville. No thats the wrong answer. It was a team game, so it's a team loss. The only bright spot was DD. I have this saying I made up. It goes like this: If your riding in a horse and carriage and the wheel breaks are you gonna shoot the horse? Well to many Houston fans are ready to shoot the horse, just ask Warren Moon he was booed for several years, and given death threats, but let him hit his wife and all of a sudden Houston embraces him. Now I loved Moon, but isn't that a little backwards? Just ranting at rants I guess!

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