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Originally Posted by Lucky
Palmer was the WR coach with the Oilers, and the R&S put up big numbers. When you have guys like Jeffires, Givens, & Hill, it's hard not to be successful. Did that make the Oiler offense a great offense? No, it was very flawed and was exposed in the playoffs.

Palmer is credited with doing an excellent job working with Bledsoe (By Bledsoe himself as well). But, Palmer was never the OC at New England. Most people think that it was "no coincidence" that Bledsoe only got to the Super Bowl with Bill Parcells as his head coach.

Palmer's offenses in Jax faired very well. But he did have a top O-line anchored by one of the great tackles in NFL history, a premier set of WRs in Smith & McCardell, an excellent pair of RB's in Taylor & Stewart, and an athletic, strong-armed QB in his prime in Brunell. And he was running virtually the same offense his buddy Kevin Gilbride did the previous year when the Jags went the AFC Championship game. It's not as if he turned a bunch of scrubs into a fine tuned unit.
Basically what I am reading from you is that Palmer had relatively no impact as a coach, because he happened to be in the right situation at the right time.

Parcells had been Bledsoe's coach the 3 previous years yet year 4, Palmer's one as quarterbacks coach, his TD-INT ratio changed drastically. Sure there are a lot of factors that could have led to this, but you cannot overlook the fact that Palmer was his QB coach.

The next year he goes to Jacksonville and the same exact thing happens to Brunell. Sure his buddy Gilbride was there the previous season, but the TD-INT ratio was not very good that year. It suddenly improved drastically the next season. Again it could have been anything that led to this change, but you cannot overlook the fact that Palmer was there.

I agree that he had good QB's and overall offenses in both New England and Jacksonville. I just tend to think that he made good offenses even better. Perhaps the stats say something to me they do not to you. If that is that case, Lucky, I'll agree to disagree.
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