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Default Re: Sam McGuffie featured in Cy-Fair/Cy-Falls matchup on ESPN2

Originally Posted by nunusguy View Post
"I've got a list of my final five," he said. "They are USC, Notre Dame, Florida, Michigan and Texas A&M."

McGuffie says that while all five have promised him early playing time, there are a few other things that make each school on the list stand out to him.

USC: "Ken Norton (the Trojans' state of Texas recruiter) is a really cool guy. Also, there's the fact that it's USC. They have had a ton of great running backs throughout the years."

Notre Dame: "At Notre Dame I like the tradition and I like the atmosphere and stuff like that. Also, only like a thousand something people go to Notre Dame every year so that's kind of a select group."

Florida: "I talk to coach Mullen and coach Meyer and they tell me they could use my speed a lot like they use Percy Harvin."

Michigan: "The thing I like most about Michigan is (running backs) coach Fred Jackson. It seems that he actually cares about me and not just about my abilities in football. Also, my dad's side of the family is from up there."

Texas A&M: "At A&M I like that they run the ball a lot. Also it's kind of close to home but not too close. I've been there a lot and feel comfortable when I'm there."
McGuffie will name his college choice this weekend on local TV.
I'm betting on the Aggies. Any takers ?
I'd say Michigan from what I have seen.
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