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Originally Posted by fresno8
Chawky1, you guys need to play Dilfer, I know he's nothing flashy, but he's won a Super Bowl and all he does is win. With your recievers and Alexander you need a guy like Dilfer. I know he's not the franchise though and Hassleback is your guy, but being from Fresno I love seeing Dilfer(& Huff) play and he always wins. Carr didn't look great yesterday, he just won that's all. I'm not sure which throws were ill advised though. The 2 picks at the end of the half weren't really his fault. AJ should have fought for that ball, but he's so good I'm not going to complain and Bradford just wasn't looking for the freak'n ball that was horrible. Other than that I didn't see, but maybe one ill advised throw. He didn't throw much. You saw some of the great throws he made though and he'll do that more consistenly with a good line. I've been calling for a receiver to complement AJ all year. Once we get that guy watch out.
Wow, I'm a little late to comment on this I think Dilfer is a great person as well as a great QB and he has this wonderful affect on team chemistry. Furthermore, I think everyone plays better around him when he is in, plus he does find a way to win. However, he is getting old, his arm has been suspect as of late, and the times he has been in this year he has looked REALLY rusty...ick he looked scary bad. I used to feel strongly that he was the answer over Hass, I'm not so sure anymore. I blame most of our problems now on scheme and coaching/playcalling over talent and who is in the line-up. Even with tons of injuries to key players we still have a boat load of talent (once again on paper).

Carr right now is a product of his system, protection, and play calling. I don't think he is being put in a position to win. The RUN RUN PASS thing as other people have mentioned is making game planning the Texans quite easy. They need to mix it up, seriously upgrade the line and then he will be fine.

Oh, and the best Seahawks fan board that I have found is VERY VERY active.
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