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First and foremost...the FANS get an F for booing Carr during the 4th quarter! Are you kidding me. Anyone who roots for the Texans had to be upset with todays performance. We pulled what the Jags pulled last week. Had their guard down and didn't put in the effort to win. But don't boo Carr. Boo the O-Line for getting blown-up everytime we went to pass. to the grades.

AJ = A- : Amazing talent, with some silly drops. Must keep his head in the game every play.

DD = B+ : Great hands. Really showed patience and "juke-abilty" this later in the season. Durability an issue.

Gaffney = B : HUGE improvement in hands and route running. Great #3, decent #2.

O-line = B and D- : B for run-blocking, D- for pass protection. Wade needs to step it up and earn his money. Milford Brown should start next year.

DC = B+ : Love his arm, accuracy needs a bit more work (throws behind/high a bit much). Revealed atheletic ability I had not expected. Expect him to do a Brees-like jump in his 4th season (and has WAY more upside than Brees).

Babin = B : Good motor, should have a great 2nd season.

Peek = B- : Atheletic, Aggressive...sometimes over pursues. Should improve in 3rd season if given the chance (more pt)

Glenn = B : Off year for him. Or maybe the rook just raised the bar.

D-Rob = A : SO glad we got him and not Deangelo Hall or SeanTaylor.

Glenn Earl = B- : Good upside. Great hitter. With the right work-ethic he could be in the ranks of Ed Reed (maybe).

Coleman = INC : Man...if there were a FS like Sean Taylor in this years draft we'd HAVE to take him. But not thus far. Maybe someone will emerge (cause D-Rob & Babin weren't hyped early pre-combine)

Sharper - B+ : Great ILB...most of the time

Polk - B- : Impressive at times. Maybe he'll have a FOLEY type season in a year or two.

D-Line - C+ : We sure could use someone who can create havoc and plug up the middle more consistently.

2004 Offensive MVP - AJ (1st half of season) DD (second half of season)
2004 Deffensive MVP - Sharper (1st half of season) D-Rob (second half of season)
Most Likely to pull an Eric Brown in 2005 (lose starting job) - Foreman
Free Agent(s) that we shouldn't resign unless they're bargains - Bradford, Banks & Payne
Free Agent(s) that should be PAID - Polk & Simmons
Most likely to break starting line-up in 2005 - Armstrong
Practice squad member to be promoted - Sloan Thomas time to countdown until DraftDay.
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