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People are frustrated because the quality of our wins don't match up to our losses. We were flat out embarassed by Denver and Indianapolis. Drew Brees and Antonio Gates picked us apart. We made Joey Harrington look like John Elway and Roy Williams made Aaron Glenn look old and incompetent. We had Green Bay but then decided to play conservative offense the entire second half. Indianapolis part 2 we were playing the clock when we didn't even have the lead. The Minnesota game was a heartbreaker but we played hard and put up a good fight, no shame there. Couldn't stop the run against the Jets and today's game was shocking to say the least. The score was 9-7 at halftime, if the Texans were underestimating the Browns Dom Capers should have woken them up at the break. We had good quality wins against the Titans and Jags. Quality meaning we upset teams who were supposed to beat us and played hard on both sides of the ball. Against KC had it not been for Coleman's int for a td we would have lost, Kerry Collins played horrible in Oakland just tossing up lobs and everybody beats the Bears. The bottom line, the point of all this is that it's not the record. I'm happy with 7-9, but I'm furious at the way we got there. If you've seen every game this season you know what I mean. A stagnant offense, 3 and outs, failure to capitilize on turnovers (except for KC), drives that end in field goals, horrendous playcalling, can't stop the pass, can't pressure the QB, failure to stop opponents on crucial third downs, not playing or using the talent available. That's been the theme of this season. Last year we were injury plagued, first year was the franchise year, this year we seem to be having an identity crisis. Hell, I'll be happy with a 6-10 record next season if we play hard, play to win and keep games close.
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