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Default Booing is pathetic

I don't care if the fans paid for their tickets or not. If you know the guys have given up, and are just laying down, then they deserve to be booed. But paying for tickets doesn't give anyone a RIGHT to boo somebody who's giving it what they've got.

I felt like there was a ton of 'leakage' of the o-line. I'm not excited about the play calling. I think they put too much emphasis on running DD, passing to DD. I think the defense seemed to wait until they were in the red zone before they got any fire in their bellies. The special teams blocking was not real good. (I'm used to watching the Chiefs, who know how to block for special teams). It was an ugly game to watch.

My guess is, if you'd replaced the worst two linemen with guys a lot better, they would have been cheering Carr off the field. And we would have won.

To be honest, I think most people who boo are too stupid to understand the game. The IQ of 'fans' who boo shows up in the last too letters, 00.

Yeah, I'm ticked...
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