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My philosophy on the draft is to at least get fair value for your picks.

At this point before supplemental picks we have 9 picks. all of our picks in all 7 rounds and the 3rd rounder of Dallas and 7th rounder of the Chiefs.

If there is a particular player we target, say G David Baas, he isn't graded at the 12th slot, nothing wrong with taking him, just the smart thing to do is trade down to a spot to be sure you get him, and get the value of an extra pick, (4th or 5th round maybe).

I advocate upgrading the TE position. Billy Miller is not the answer, he can't run block, and when he is in its obvious we are passing so he gets blanketed. We need to either sign Bubba Franks from the Packers, or draft someone with one of our 4 picks in the first 3 rounds. I'd love to see what Bennie Joppru can do, but i'm going on the assumption that he will never play significant time. If he proves me wrong and we are left with a pair of talented TE's, thats a problem i'd take over having none. A TE that can consistantly run block, and pass catch will help our running game alot more too, and take alot of the pass catching pressure off Davis, allowing him to not tire out so quickly.

There are a few players who if they were on the draft board i'd select regardless of need. Alex Baron.... Antrelle Rolle.... Dan Cody....Mike Williams...
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