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Smile Re: Chief Game Ticket Needed

I mean, if he has Texan as part of his moniker, then it's a dead lock that he'e a Texan fan. Secondly, he lives in Sugar Land, which is in Texas. So the chances of him being a Chiefs fan are pretty minimal. But I see where you're coming from. Better to be safe than sorry when selling your ticket(s). The number of posts shouldn't enter into the equation. I think that Preston has been in the sun too long. I think he needs to get in the shade and cool off. I am sure that there are Chiefs fans in Sugar Land. I don't think that one's loyalties should enter into the picture when selling a ticket. If he was to be a Chiefs fan, then I don't think that someone should hold it against him and deny him the ticket. That's kind of childish. I guess you Texans fans in the BullPen really stick together. You guys just don't like those "outsiders". You don't want to fraternize with the enemy. But in this case the person who wants the ticket seems to be one of us. So preston would be pretty safe in selling it to him.
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