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Theyyyy'rrre Heeeerrrrrre!

Ouch! The venom from KJFan.
He's probably been lying awake at night for the past week hoping for a Jagass win. Rehearsing various posts in the event of a Texans loss and a Jags win. KJ.....if I were you I wouldn't talk so much smack....we were not that far behind your Jagass. And there is plenty of time for your team to fall flat on their face.
You know...kinda like they did on Halloween and Xmas weekend against the Texans.
Bottom line.....we never expected to make the playoffs and your team did.
Oh yeah......and that will never change the fact that Texans swept the Jags this year. AND shut them out Xmas week....the only team to do so since their Innaugural year in '95.
Also, the Texans only 1 of 4 teams to shut out another team this year.
Wow, thanks for stopping by KJFan...we were all upset about our loss today, but having you come around just reminds us of all our positive accomplishments.

Oh yeah, I said they'd be back...did anyone put out the litter box. I think I smell the Jags already. eek:

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