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Default Re: TC tickets FUBARED as usual

This feels strange to type this but I am getting tired of these issues and may opt to not attend training camp. It is not fun like it was in the past (before Wacko Bank) and it doesn't seem like the Texans really care one way or the other on this issue. I guess the shiney new penny is not as shiney anymore.

Originally Posted by aj. View Post
Here's my experience.

First to set the context, I knew it would be FUBAR because it was FUBAR last year and even the year before when they were doing it through Ticketmaster.

The confusion in the past (both at Ticketmaster and Wachovia) was limited to the interpretation of "limit 6 tickets per person."

Knowing that, a few days ago when I read the initial announcement for training camp tickets on the Texans website and saw "Limit 6 tickets" I decided to call the Texans marketing Dept., and ask them to update the website to say "Limit 6 tickets per person per practice" which they immediately did.

Nowhere did it say of imply "maximum of 2 practices." Needless to say that thought never crossed my mind.

So last night, knowing that Murphy was in charge of this mess, I printed out a copy of the page that said ""Limit 6 tickets per person per practice." My goal was to get 2 tickets for all 7 practices. I didn't need the full allotment.

Fast forward to 9:05 a.m. I go to the Wachovia at Bay Area and El Camino in CL, and ask for training camp tix. They say, "please fill out this form" (name/address/phone). Harumph #1.

Okay I'll play along. I know some junior marketing person's performance appraisal probably depends on it. But at the same time, I'm thinking that the Texans need to be clear with people that you will be asked to provide personal information in order to get tickets.

Then I ask for 2 tickets for each practice. The person at the desk says "you can only get tickets for two practices." I say there must be some mistake and show him my printout that said 6 per practice per person. He said "we just had a conference call on this." "You can only get tickets for two practices, take it or leave it." Harumph #2.

I say to the man, "you know all I'm going to do is drive down to Seabrook and get two more, and then go to Pasadena to get two more, and then to somewhere else to get the last one, right?" "Does that make sense," I asked him? He shrugged his shoulders and gave me his best "hey I only work here" answer.

Then I placed a call to the Texans marketing dept and told them what happened. They (Lance) agreed that it was a bit odd and he would check into it. I asked him to call me back.

In the meantime, I drive down to Seabrook and walk in to the lobby and ask for training camp tickets for the other sessions. The girl behind the desk said "there's a couple things I need you to do first." Okay, here we go again...

"Fill out this form" (same one as the CL branch) and then I'll need you to meet with Mr. so and so here so we can "get to know you better."

No more harumph....I'm starting to get pissed now, but I'm not showing it. And I know exactly what's going on.

I said to Mr. so and so "I'm just here to get tickets."

Mr. so and so replies, "well this is part of our promotion, we'd like to get to know you a little better and offer a free financial health checkup" (or something to that effect)

As we stood at the receptionsist desk, I told him "well you and the CL branch have my name and address so just give me a call sometime."

"It'll only take 5 minutes," he replied.

I looked at him and explained in a fair amount of detail (and as politely as I could muster at this point), that my portfolio is being managed very well, thank you very much.

Mr. so and so appeared to be a bit irritated now. He asked if he could call me. I said yes. He shook my hand and walked away, telling the receptionist "only two practices!"

She either didn't hear him or sensed my angst and proceeded to serve up 2 tickets to each of the remaining practices that I wanted. It was 9:45. Not bad.

In the meantime, Lance from the Texans (who was very helpful and cooperative btw) called back and said that indeed there was a 2 practice limit and that the website had been changed to reflect that.

He also said something the surprised me a bit, saying that it was Wachovia and not the Texans that set the 2 practice rule. I know they're a big sponsor and everything but I'm a fan of the Texans and its their product I'm interested in, not Wachovia's (especially now). Can't the Texans set the ground rules for their fans and how they will attend practices?

There were other things said that are equally head scratching but I won't get into them here.

And yes, I felt jerked around - at least for an hour or so. I got all the tickets I wanted, but not without a hassle. I think the Texans need to put something on the website in the future that fans are required to provide personal information and agree to a financial health checkup prior to receiving the tickets.

Either that or agree to provide DNA and submit to a full body cavity search prior to receiving tickets. That might be less painful.

It's not so much what they are doing (just be clear with the policy up front) it's how they are doing it - and it seems like it's messed up in one way or another every year.
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