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I look to seattle first.... 1 of the trio of LT Walter Jones, QB Matt Hassellbeck and HB Shaun Alexander.... With only the franchise and transition tag, 1 of these 3 players will be available.

If its Hassellbeck we are out of luck. But chances are they protect their QB with only an aging Dilfer behind him.

If its Jones, we need to pursue him. Young, extremely talented, pro-bowl left tackle.

If its Alexander, as much as i like Davis, he isn't on that level. Alexander can be signed and Davis can be traded for a second round pick or so. The second round pick should be an offensive Tackle

Free agency i would look to improve the defensive line, maybe find a true NT that can come in and play immediately.


1st round i think we need a tight end. I know people dont want to spend another high pick on a TE, but the fact is we are platooning the position and someone with some size that can catch and block.

Second round, i'd look for the saftey everyone feels we need.

3rd round.... linebacker, defensive line, or interior offensive line... we have 2 picks in the round so the 2 highest rated from those at the pick.

4th round whomever didn't get picked from 3rd round.

5th-7th rounds BPA..... better to get the best players available, than trying to fill a hole with a lesser talent.
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