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Afer reading the fan blog I'm a little bit hesitant to say that the Texans might be the surprise team in the AFC this year. The following are some reasons why I'm a little bit skeptical:

1. We have a QB with very little NFL experience.
2. We have aging RBs in Ahman Green and Ron Dayne. I am wondering how fast they can go through the holes created by the offensive line.
3. We don't have a WR who can complement Andre Johnson. Hopefully, Owen Daniels can help.
4 We don't have anyone in the secondary who can help out Dante Robinson.

Believe me, I would really love for our team to kick some major league ass. We seem to be making strides in the right direction. Hopefully, our offensive line will show improvement. This year I see the Texans at 7-9. Next year I see the Texans at 8-8. However, the year after I see them being at 9-7 and being a viable playoff contender.

P.S. Now that I have posted this under the correct thread, the powers that be on these message boards (Vinny) won't delete this post this time. Perhaps the moderator could've just moved my post to this thread insyead of deleting it alltogether like they used to do in the past. It certainly would've saved me the time of having to start from scratch. Thanks Vinny.
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