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Default You Have Full Control Over The Texan's Offseason.... What Do You Do???

First order of business is that I talk Palmer into a little bit more of a aggressive scheme instead of 70% Run and 30% Pass, maybe 60% run and 40% pass. And take a couple more shots down field.

Secondly I'd talk to David Carr about his #1 target Andre Johnson. Johnson has awesome speed, great size, good jumping ability and good hands.. if you ever feel like you are stuck and there is nothing is to do and you can't run just throw it up there for Johnson to get it. With Johnson's first trip to the pro bowl under his belt he is now going to be stepping up his game for the next year.

Next I would trade Joppru and Wells and the extra 3rd round pick for a high second or low first. Cause we can use a 5th round pick for a HB that does what Wells does. (Give Davis a rest)

I would not sign Seth Payne back, as much as I hate to say it because I like Payne as a person and he has been great for us, but that's money we could be using on upgrading our O or D line.

After that, it's a lot of Lineman becoming free agents this off season upgrade the line in free agency with proven line, preferable lineman that have been in a run heavy or zone blocking scheme (i.e Steelers, Broncos). Here I would rather sign a free agent lineman because of experience and intelligence.

Then with the 1st round pick, get themselves a ball hawk at Safety, (you see what Sean Taylor and Ed Reed have done for their teams in terms of game breakers) So with a pick somewhere in the middle of the round, Thomas Davis or Shazzar of Michigan should be there if not I like that guy from USC Darnell Bing.

Next with a high second round pick, I'd be looking for a Big Strong DT here there aren't that many so hopefully either Wright or Hawthrone are left in the early second. I would have jumped for a Good ILB to groom next to Sharper and give him and Foreman (who is not 100%) a little time to rest up on the sidleine.

With another second round pick in our back pocket we should be looking at a ILB, there a number of good linebackers in this draft, Johnson and Brooks no doubt will be gone, Maybe Kevin Burnett or Lance Mitchell. For the sake of this thread I'll just say Kevin Burnett. With Wong, Burnett, Sharper and Babin we could be looking at something special there. and we can't forget about Atwann Peek he's always a wildcard when he's in there.

third round I'd take a look at a CB, now all of the TOP of the line Cornerbacks will probably be gone but we need to start looking at people to replace Glenn cause he's not getting any younger. Why a Third Rounder well you don't wanna spend a high pick and have him sitting behind Robinson, Glenn and Faggins. But with this third round pick, maybe him and Faggins could be battling it out for that number 2 spot when Glenn retires.

fourth round I'm taking a O-Lineman, why so late in the draft, well considering the fact I already upgraded from Free Agency I wouldn't need to spend a high pick here. Just getting lineman to add more depth, to by now, a deep part of the offense.

Fifth Round I take a Pass Recieving TE, someone that can find those open spots in the zone, I"m waiting till the fifth round because Bruener is still the number 1 right now so there is no rush there at that position. But what if we could run a TE like a Alge Crumpler or Antonio Gates, well with a 5th pick it would hurt to try to snag someone that could help open up the new 60/40 offense that I talke to Palmer about earlier.

sixth and seventh round I just add depth where I need it.

Please post your full control offseason moves. Who knows maybe Casserly or Capers might see it..

Warning to ALL teams, We have D-Rob and PB so please don't throw...
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