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i just found it funny that every team could have used big ben. but the fact is that not every team has the steelers d and if ben was on the giants than he would probably have to same record as eli does give or take a win. i'm not trying to take away from what he has done because he has had times when he has stepped up in the clutch (jacksonville), but the giants don't have a trio of great wrs (great as a whole), two good backs, and half the line that steel town does. so before we give big ben the mvp lets remember that the steelers are the only team in the top 11 that could be at 14-1 with big ben, maybe the chargers also.

At the time of the draft, there were four bonehead picks that I thought were obvious mistakes:
if you're calling the chargers pick of a qb a bonehead pick than i have to ask if you watched them a year ago because they needed a qb. everyone lost faith in drew and san diego was sick of rolling floute out in a wheelchair. in hindsight they should have taken roy williams, instead they have to probably let go of the player that lead them to a division title and start over with pretty much a rookie qb. before you start calling winslow a no talent *** clown we have to remember what he can bring to a team. i can tell that you probably don't like him, but that doesn't mean that he is a bad player. its pretty easy to say that he isn't worth the 16th pick when he played in one game so far. as for sean taylor i think that he was the best player for the redskins. they didn't need a qb because they thought they had their guy for the moment, they didn't need a rb, they had a pro-bowl wr, no o-linemen worth the 5th pick, they have good lb and cbs. the only guy that they could have taken instead was winslow, but why pick a guy 11 spots early. the defense is playing good because of him, now they have themselves set up to take a o-lineman or d-lineman this year. their safties weren't bad, but they weren't the players that sean is. yes they could have traded down, but at the 5th pick they got one of the best values outside of dunta.
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