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Totally disagree.

ESPN sucks! ESPN has lost their mission...

ESPN, as introduced in the late 70's was in the business of being the "Worldwide Leader in Sports". This means reporting sports, not picking and choosing who they think is the sexy story de jour. For the 2 1/2 hours that they showed Roger Clemens "AA" start, I think they could have reported on something more worthwhile -or- have shown the regularly scheduled game..

"The Texans have enough trouble getting Houstonians interested enough to buy tickets"???? huh???? Thats news to me. 50 home games (including pre-season) - 50 sell outs....

As far as listening about the Atlanta Hawks, sure, so what, as long as they (ESPN) were making their rounds around the entire NBA and reporting equally with insight....

Again, that was their original mission when they started 38 years ago....
My bad...I shouldn't have said 'buy tickets'--I should have said interested enough to actually go to the games

But as far as ESPN goes--times change

Not that I agree with it or like it; but I do understand it...

Telling ESPN to show more of teams with little national interest is equivalent to asking them to decrease their ratings which boils down to making less money...

This is how they make money and I understand that.
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