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So, in other words, bad teams should expect to get very little coverage, and what coverage there is to be ill-informed.

I don't buy that. Especially with the internets, there doesn't need to be restrictions on the amount of coverage. We should aspire to better.
Don't get me wrong...I don't like the fact that the Texans are treated like a media step-child...

But I just think reality is what reality is....We don't have any players that entice nationally...we haven't had a winning season....

I'm totally with you on the lazy journalism aspect though...It would be nice if there was a national outlet that provided 'real' analysis and not the same old re-hash that they heard from their momma's sister's uncle's best friend...

Don't know what can be done about that aspect, but again--I think it all boils down to the winning and marketable players aspect...
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