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I just don't know what hangup you have with national media. There are other sources out there to get accurate, in-depth information on bad teams. So why not just use those sources? Last time I checked, there is one national source that gives equal coverage and that is the NFL Network. So why keep trying to change ESPN's way of reporting or AP's way when the you seek information is getting out there from other places?

Seems like trying to make McDonald's serve steaks, though there are plenty of other places to get one.
I agree.

ESPN is in the business of making money. The Texans have enough trouble getting Houstonians interested enough to buy tickets, so why would ESPN dedicate more time to a team that has done pretty much nothing but lose and make questionalbe moves since inception ?

Honestly, do you guys want to hear more about the Atlanta Hawks ?

You have to think about it from a national perspective...

Teams that lose a lot/ have very few--or no--media enticing players aren't going to dominate the airwaves...

That wouldn't be very smart on ESPN's part....
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