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"they [the Buccaneers] had organizational issues for years that affected the type of teams they put on the field"

Legit teams start by having competent ownership and management.

Capers is growing it slowly - growing it right. Grooming guys for not just one Championship but for continued success season after season. In Carolina he admitted that he signed too many veterans and tried to grow it too quickly. Every franchise who has tried to do that has faced aged players and cap constraints. When you have to cut a quality veteran to sign your draft class that is a pretty clear sign that you have mis-managed the salary cap. Which consequently harms your team in the long run. And Capers does not want to be faced with that again. In Carolina after they all retired or were cut, the team went down hill. He ended up loosing favor with the fans and the local media here in North Carolina. I still hear people talk about their experience with the Panthers and Dom Capers. He was then later fired. Lesson?

And on a side note, if you really believe that Tampa was legit after the 79 season then you may also have the belief that the Cardinals are a legit team since they won a championship back in the 30's or something. I dont buy that. Tampa was awful. They were the butt of a bunch of jokes on Sports Center. Who cares about 79' when they were that bad for that long? They were the butt of my own jokes between friends. The truth is that they were not legit. How can you say that? They had loosing season after loosing season and really didnt come into their own untill Sam Wyche was hired and then fully bloomed with Dungy. Not to mention the flash and bang of Gruden. If they loose again next year people will be calling for his head as well. Loosing GM Rich McKay to the Falcons wont help Gruden out either. That guy is the best.

I guess my point is that is not realistic to expect a Championship in 4 years even though the NFL is peppered with examples throughout its history. There are innumerable examples of a four year plan going very wrong as well. Many many more that did not work then did. Besides the Texans and McNair have already stated publically to a 5 year playoff plan. And that to me, looking at where our team needs to grow, seems more tangable.

Patience grasshopper.

Having said all that, if they do indeed perform better than expectations then that is just a super feeling. But if they don't perform then people want to roll out the guillotine. IMO.
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