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Great list AstroFan...

I will throw my two cents in on this...I think Dan Cody (as OLB) or Mathias Kiwanuka (as DE) would be excellent fits for us on the defense. One thing that I would like the Texans to look at is actually drafting a LB to play OLB. I understand that you need a larger guy to play OLB in the 3-4...I am thinking of an Ahmad Brooks (Virginia) type guy. He is 6'4, don't need to teach him how to drop into coverage or man up a TE, he already knows how to function from a 2 point stance, and he has pass rush skills.

I think we should try and improve the O-line via free agency so that you have a plug-n-play guy instead of a project that you hope works out. If we don't go with some one for the defensive front 7 I think it wouldn't hurt to snap up the top TE, Heath Miller, if he falls to us.
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