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Default Re: A nice little quote from a book I just read.

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It's funny you mentioned this. Why? Because I had a REALLLY weird feeling when we played the Titans this last year. It was the game we welcomed back all the old heroes and legends to our stadium, and there he was, Bruce Matthews. I got to see him quite up-close, but it just had a "wrongness" to it because he was standing on the TITANS SIDELINE! Right next to where my seat is (remember - they moved the BPPB down there a few years ago). I know he spent all those years with that "organization" and everything, but it just felt like a betrayal to see him THERE. With THEM. I brushed it aside, thinking that he just knew more of them and everything, and then I saw him talking and laughing with Jeff Fisher, and it felt like a knife in my gut. Two guys that were OURS. It just didn't set well at all.

I remember when he said that which you quoted, btw. I also remember at the time thinking he was one of the really GOOD guys. I still do. But I still feel...betrayed somehow by that display. Am I wrong?
Can we hold it against him? No. But should he have made it known he was a Houston Oiler? Yes! I mean, it was Houston rooting him on most of his career. It was in Houston that he made his name known. And it was in Houston that he played like a Hall of Famer. But, what can you do....
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