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Originally Posted by Bayern
If it wouldn't hurt us financially I'd drop Walker and go after a guy like Marcus Spears with our 1st rounder this year...
I like Marcus Spears as a Texan, but I have some thoughts on Walker.

Before the year started, many posters suggested that Walker couldn't be expected to have a great year, becuase he was coming off a year of injuries. I hadn't thought much about it, because I associated the concept of two years for an injury to knee injuries and running backs, but perhaps they were right.

Walker certainly didn't have a Pro Bowl year, which he has in the past. Is it possible that he'll play better next year? Is it possible he still has another Pro Bowl in him, particularly with a better defense around him? Why do we all assume that a guy who hasn't taken an NFL snap (Spears) will play better than a guy who has already been to the Pro Bowl?

In terms of the costs of Walker, the reality is that we compete in a (relatively) open market for veteran players. While we would like to pay less for Walker, we have to compete with other teams for his services. We may have also wanted a younger Walker, who wasn't a gangster (like David Boston), but perhaps one didn't exist. Maybe you're better off with the devil you know instead of the devil you don't know.
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