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Interesting article about Brock

TEMPE, ARIZ. -- Brock Lesnar was earning about $9 million a year as a professional wrestler. He owns an eight-seat, twin-engine plane, has a personal pilot and, at 26, lives in a spacious home on 47 acres in Independence, Minn.

He won the 2000 NCAA heavyweight wrestling title with the Gophers, catapulted himself to stardom among World Wrestling Entertainment fanatics as "The Next Big Thing," and became the youngest champion in WWE history.

Fame, fortune. He had it all.

"It was interesting," Lesnar said. "One time, I was walking through the parking lot in Los Angeles. Some guy yells, 'Hey, Brock!' I turn around and it's Shaq. Shaquille O'Neal. He's one of my biggest fans."

How cool is that?

At first, it was "very cool," Lesnar said. Not anymore.

Lesnar works on his strength and balance.Ralph FresoSpecial To Star TribuneIn March, Lesnar walked away from the final five years and about $45 million of his seven-year WWE contract for the chance to play in the NFL, preferably for the Vikings, he said.

"I was miserable," Lesnar said. "How many people in life are miserable but don't . . . do anything about it?"

If Lesnar makes an active NFL roster, he probably would earn the league's rookie minimum of $230,000 a year. That would drop to about $85,000 if he ends up on a practice squad.

Lesnar works out in Tempe, Ariz.Ralph FresoSpecial To Star TribuneOf course, that's assuming someone wants Lesnar. The Vikings are expected to work him out next month but, like every other team, are skeptical because Lesnar hasn't played football since Webster High lost to Aberdeen Roncalli in the first round of the 1995 South Dakota playoffs.

"We have interest in everybody that can help," Vikings coach Mike Tice said. "But it will be a tough, tough transition for Brock being that he hasn't played much ball."

Lesnar expects to play defensive end. He is a shade taller than 6-3, weighs 290 pounds and has 9 percent body fat, long arms and unusual speed and agility for his size.

Lesnar runs a 40-yard sprint during a morning workout.Ralph FresoSpecial To Star Tribune"Obviously, he's strong enough, flexible enough, big enough and quick enough to do it," said Indianapolis Colts coach Tony Dungy, who tried to sign Lesnar out of college when Dungy was head coach at Tampa Bay. "And winning an NCAA heavyweight title is harder than playing defensive line. So who knows? The only question is he's 26. How long will it take for him to learn how to play the game?"
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