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Originally Posted by Vinny
"Tweeners" are our OLB's. You have to be at around 250 to hold up to Offensive Guards and Tackles. Smaller (230 pound guys and the like) have a hard time sheding blocks and 3-4 OLB's take on linemen much more than 4-3 OLB's do because they have two tackles and two ends covering the linemen. We just have 3 Tackle-types covering 5 guys so you have to have more size in your OLB's in this system. We will probably draft one 'tweener' every single year just like the Steelers do. DJ would be an inside linebacker in our system.
Vinny...I'm tracking with you. I probably should have not been as specific as saying OLB since most have smaller body types. My point was that it is easier to draft a 240lb LB that already knows how to cover the pass, play in a 2pt stance, and has some pass rush skills. Not to mention the fact that it's not out of the realm of possibility to bulk a guy up by 10-15lbs if raw size becomes an issue. I believe Ray Lewis came out of Miami at just over 230 and he consistently plays at 240+. I just think that we should at least consider that if the right athlete is available while we are on the clock (I am thinking someone like Ahmad Brooks from Virginia).
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