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Default Re: Schaub is doing the little things

Originally Posted by Double Barrel View Post
But I don't want "it". I want Gears of War and Halo 3, which are 360 exclusives.
Originally Posted by Second Honeymoon View Post
not enough games and too pricey. Resistance: Fall of Man is a hell of an app is a Blu-Ray player and that aint too bad.
Defnitely can't argue those points...

And really the only reason I'm in love with PS3 is because I'm a resistance addict....

Well not quite an addict, but I love it...Haven't played gears of War nor Halo 3, but if they are as good as resistance I might be purchasing another system...

Sad thing is that I don't even play Madden much anymore, and that used to be my thing...
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