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Originally Posted by A4toZ
Pffft... ESPN gave our game about 10 seconds of highlights before moving to another. We don't need THEIR respect... we'll make our own.
I dont want their respect....I don't want their blessings...I want anything from them...

The North Eastern media never HAS or WILL care about Texas....or any frickin footaball team from TEXAS!!!!!....get REAL PEOPLE!!!!...the Gods from the NORTHEAST think their "you-know-what" does not stink.

WE COULD WIN THE SUPER BOWL and they would have 3 minutes on the Today show in the morning.....

...remember the Astros Run? Give me a BREAK!

So stop trying to fool yourselves or get some type of pleasure out of will not happen....even if you WIN the frincking Super Bowl.

ESPN is one of the worst and most biases organizations around.

If you are not from the NE you are not anything...

So they can take their show and shovel it up into a dark dark place...


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