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Originally Posted by Vinny
I guess my point was you don't need a bunch of guys named Munchak, Matthews or Steinkuhler as you were longing for from the Oiler days.
And I guess my point was that when you have a line you have so many more options and successes.

I do not doubt our line will become good, but I think that it can become better. It WILL take time, no doubt....but for us to sit still makes no sense to me...and I hope they work out...

... an NFL team has a continual process of players migrating through its organization.....and the OLine, is the stability of a team...err Pittsburg year after year....they draft Oline men..

Again, my point is that we have to get Oline men...this bunch is OK, but it can be better....

...even Carr validated my concern with his outburst on the side line...

without the upgrade we WILL CONTINTUE TO DEBATE ABOUT CARR AND DAVIS.... which is unfair to both...because if David had 50 more plays a year to throw and Double D had 50 more openings to run through...

...BABY WE WOULD BE THERE! for that post on the OL guys drafted....I remember Gross coming out that draft, kind of a thin OL draft, but many thought he was all World.....interesting and it validates my never know and you better keep drafting those big slabs of is one hell of tough position!

PPS...your good VINNY!

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