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Originally Posted by Vinny
Pittsburgh averages 328 yards per game on 942 plays. We average 326 yards per game on 944 plays. Should Pittsburgh fire their offensive coordinator?
Pittsburgh has only lost 1 game the Texans have lost 8 so far. What counts is wins and losses and to that end we are not yet a good team. What those stats really reflect is how bad the play selection is in the Red Zone. Sure we can get there, but we don't score frequently enough, especially TDs, when we do get there. You can't win if you don't score. Pittsburgh has obviously done a better job of mixing offensive scoring with defensive performance. That's something that Palmer has shown that he has no clue how to do.

For infantrycak, all of your arguments are very pedestrian. If you don't see the receivers running bad route and dropping passes, then you are apparently not watching the games because it happens a lot in every game. Of coarse Carr is improving, he is a 3rd year player who has been the starter from day one. Compare him to Big Ben in his 1st year at Pittsburgh, Carr is certainly no less talented, but he is clearly less effective. Why? It's that darn coaching thing again. You can talk in circles about this or that, but the fact is that the level of improvement that has taken place in terms of coaching up the offense is not enough to reflect positive offensive success. And you certainly haven't proven that Palmer has improved the team, basically because you can't. He hasn't done it, even though that is his job. The only offensive constancy that the Texans have had since their inception, is being ineffective, especially when it counts. Score points and win games. That is success, not score a few points and lose at least half of your games a year. Be in the playoff hunt in the last week or 2 of the season, for real, not just thru complicated math, and have a real chance to get there. At least show significant growth from one season to the next. None of that has been done as of yet. Rid our selves of the problem, Chris Palmer and replace him with a decent OC, doesn't have to be a big name, and we'll all be happy in the end because we will start to win. I know that the defense is not the best, but it is good enough to be competitive in the playoffs, the offense is no where near that. With a good offense, the defensive stats will improve as well.
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