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It's a nice try, but no. Johnson was a great player, from day one. He came from an environment that was conducive for him to succeed fast in the NFL. He improved the system, the system didn't really improve him much. What about all of the other receivers who run bad routes and can't catch the ball when it is right in their hands? Are their fundamentals just being ignored by Palmer? To make any reference to the O-line at any position is ridiculous. They have been awful this season. Pitts makes the same stupid mistakes he has always made and at nearly the same rate. Of coarse he and all of them will improve some from experience, but the schemes are still not working very well. Every time Carr tries a pass he gets killed. The only running back that has produced is a healthy Davis with little thanks to the line. I'll admit that the O-line is not quite as bad as they were in the 2002 season, but there is no real improvement over last year. In fact, the line was better last season. All of the ineffectiveness and inconsistency points to one thing. Coaching! Right back where we started.

As for defense, if you read my previous post you would notice that the challenge referred to the offense. I'll say this once more, this tread is about Palmer's failures. I'm not so ready to dump Capers just yet, but if he keeps his wagon hitched to Palmer, he and the rest of the staff will be Audi 5000(old reference and I apologize for it) .
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