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Originally Posted by markbeth
i know the rankings dont mean anything but this one is annoying. we go on the road and beat the jag's and we move from 17th down to 20th and the jags are still ranked 7 spots ahead of us. didnt we beat them both times we played them? how do you lose 3 spots after a win on the road to a team that was ranked 9 spots ahead of you? and the game wasnt even close.
Personnaly I want all the media to say we stink...we are a bunch of losers...

...if you think about it, when is the last time that the press was right?
they are usually correct when they "REPORT the NEWS", but when they "Give Their Opinion", they are wrong 99% of the time!

Don't let it get you down...this will work to our benefit

Can anyone name me one time any of these "self-proclaimed experts" were right....hell this board knows more than any sports (I could never play the games, so I write about it) writer....

All the players of other teams read their columns and take it for gospel...THAT IS THE BEST THING WE CAN HAVE GOING FOR US.....just another arrow in our bow....I love it actually....

let them cut us will be so much sweeter....

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