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Linebacker....what a quandry. I mean...there are so many "possible" solutions. We can credit that to our scouts who find talent like Charlie Anderson, Deshon Polk & Shantee Orr via a late draft pick and free agency (respectively).

But at the same time, this discussion is moot if we had a player like Kendrell Bell on the inside with Sharper.

Anyone know when the contracts end for Foreman & Wong?

What about Bradford?

I honestly think Armstrong is a great slot receiver. But Gaffney has REALLY REALLY shown his hands have improved. Do you all think either is fast enough to work opposite Johnson? Then Sloan Thomas still on our practice squad?! Maybe he'll work his way up! Weren't they saying he was the fastest guy on the squad this summer?

Thoughts...anyone, anyone...Bueller?
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