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Originally Posted by Hervoyel
Dime, just my 2 cents here but...

I for one do not particularly care for Byron Leftwich. I've got nothing against him personally or anything and I'm sure he's a stand-up kind of guy. I just don't see what makes this guy a great quarterback. I see a guy with legs of stone. I see a guy who comes apart when you get to him. I don't see any innate pocket presence or ability to feel the pressure coming. He's always been (against the Texans at any rate) pretty easy to get to and pretty much lousy when he's plodding for his life.

In games against the Texans he's been innacurate and fumble prone. I've seen him drop balls when nobody was even near him. Not fumble a bad snap or botch a handoff. I mean standing there with nobody around him or plodding along outside the pocket and just flat out dropping the ball.

I read where Byron's tough. He keeps getting hit and keeps getting back up. Newsflash people, learning that your quarterback can get his head beaten in and still stay in a game is not a good thing. If your quarterback is getting pounded hard enough to have people around the NFL talking about what a tough guy he is for getting back up then you're not a team with a tough quarterback. You're a team that can't protect your quarterback. The Texans and David Carr can tell you all about that. Is it a good thing that Steve McNair can play through injuries that would send a lesser man to the sideline? Well maybe but the fact that he's been so banged up over the years that he's talking about retirement (however passing that might be) is a sign that the rep he got from being so tough isn't worth it.

Tough is good. Tough like I saw Sunday is stupid. I give Byron no points for that nor do I give the Jags any for having a "tough" QB. They've got an accurate, immobile, and easily flustered target back there. That type of QB is in the process of being run out of the NFL by speed rushing ends and linebackers as we speak.

Congrats on drafting a younger, less mobile (but mighty tough!) wannabe Dan Marino. You better learn to protect him like he's made of glass because just sitting there being able to take a lick is going to get him to where Steve McNair's mind is a lot faster than Steve got there.

I don't get all worried that Byron Leftwich is going to tear the Texans up. When McNair starts leading the Titans back on us I get nervous. When Manning comes to the line I hope we can keep him under some kind of control. When Leftwich gets ready to take the snap I actually feel better when I know it's a passing down and he's likely to throw. As poor as the Texans pass rush has been at times this season I was sure that if there was one guy the Texans could catch it would be Leftwich.

Good comments.. the one reason I do like Leftwich is heart tho. In college, this boy (if you didnt know) was playing in a playoff game and had his knee blown out. The coaches went to get him out... he wouldnt let them till he finished the drive. Against his coaches wishes, he lead the team down the field (being carried to each play by his Oline) till he threw a touchdown. Then, he was out. Was this stupid.... yes... But it showed me someone who would fight through a injury for the love of competition and the game. Its the heart of this kid I like. In both the games against the Texans this year, you didnt see Byron.. He wasnt playing or even acting like himself. All I have to say, is love him or hate him, lets just not underestimate him...
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