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Originally Posted by Chance_C
Well for starters, you should interpret it exactly as it was stated, which is: Also, the reason he was out against us the first meeting was because we knocked him out. Is it a true statement or not? Now if you want to interpret it that I took great joy out of that you go ahead.

Chance I will say it. I would rather our Defense knock the snot out of the opposing QB every week rather than play back in the that consevative Cover-2 (bend and don't break) we seem to get caught in so much. We have 2 really good Corners, who I believe can cover just about anyone. We should allow our corners to play more man-up/ bump and cover defense, while we blitz the extra LBS to put the extra pressure on the other teams. I personally loved when the Oilers played the 4-6 Defense.

And if we knock a few QBS out of the game so be it. I am sure the other teams would Love to hurt Carr and have to face either Banks or Ragone.

Anyone remember how effective it was when we hit Manning? Or even back when the Oilers ran the run-in-shoot? The best defense against the Oilers was the Steelers blind side Blitzing that just killed Warren Moon.

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