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Originally Posted by jagsfanincanada
QB - Push. This last game notwithstanding, Leftwich has been the equal of Carr this year.
RB - Taylor missed one game. Saying Davis is better because he didn't miss last game is laughable.
WR - You guys win here. And it's Andre Johnson, btw. How long have you been following your team?
OL - Our OL is better. You guys have had protection issues all year. Carr has been sacked much more than Leftwich despite his large advantage in mobility (43 to 24), even with garbage Salaam playing practically all year for us. We also average 4.3 ypc to your 3.8.
DL - Us no question.
LB - Push. We both have talented starters at every LB position, including a good looking rook.
CB - You win here hands down. Bolden and Washington are garbage.
S - Slight edge to us.
K/P - We win. Our kicker has a 75% percantage to your kicker's 70%, and our kicker is 4th in the league in touchbacks. The punters have very similar stats.

I score it 4-2, with pushes at QB and LB.

RB - I was saying Fred is better...
WR - Rofl.. Andre Robinson..... I have Robinson on the brain, Johnson of course...
LB - I have to say here is where I feel we really differ. I think we have a better LB crew then you all do. Not saying your all are bad, I just feel mine our better.
O-Line - I think your probably right here...
S- I see this more of a push...
K/P - Our guys have been horrible this year for some reason. Many bad punts and missed FG's.
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