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Lets be realistic here. I made observations that were based in reality and truth and expressed them honestly and without casting insults. The rest of you are the ones who have resorted to that and chosen to dance around the real issues that the team has. I have every right to express my opinions and the truth, regardless of whether you like it or not. It is a losers mentality to EVER accept failure and that is what the Texans have presented us with so far. Does that mean that I don't like or support the Texans? No. It means that I care about them enough to rock the boat and speak the truth. The worst kind of fan is one that accepts an inferior product and does nothing about it. Look at the LA Clippers. That teams makes plenty of money and never wins, so the owner has no motivation to improve the team, so he doesn't. Since the fans still show up at the games, they get what they deserve. Continuing to support failure only leads to more failure. Those of you who believe that the Texans are on the right track will be disappointed in a year or two and probably jump ship, just like you did with the Oilers.

For Wolf, consider this, I don't live in Houston either. For the first 2 seasons I lived in San Antonio and made the trip in both the regular season and the preseason every time but 3 games. For the past season I have been unemployed and bought my season tickets before I lost my job. I still live out of town and it costs me money to go, but I have not missed one game. From my perspective I have more than lived up to my obligations to the team or any of its fans including any nitwit on this board who believes that they have the right to tell when and what I should post. I operate within the rules of the board, so I have every bit as much right to post here as you guys do. The difference is that so many of you obviously know little to nothing about the actual GAME of football and are more interested in the cosmetic side of it. If the Texans win one game then everyone is far too happy to forget that the little success of the team has had, does not come close to matching the talent level of the Texans. This team has not played near the level of what it is capable of playing and win or lose this week, it is not out of place to suggest that things should change. Especially in a thread that is specifically created to ask that very question.
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