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Originally Posted by BuffSoldier
He would be a good pickup and then maybe we could release Wells. That guy was crying about getting drafted in the 4th round. He should have went in the 7th . DD was a 4th rounder and Wells cant hold a candle to him. But Candidate would give us a lot of versatility at RB.
DD and Hollings are both small shifty runners with good pass catching ability...sounds a lot like Trung. Not sure how much versatility he would add to that stable. If he was a bruiser that could pancake a linebacker or get go for the tough inside yards I would tend to agree with you. The power roll was why we picked up Wells, it would make sense to go for a complimentary skill set to go with DD and Hollings. I think that we will see Jarrod Baxter will start filling the short yardage role this year based on the need for a power inside runner.
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